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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  March 31, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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have got hit. i would like to include your voice when i can. huckabee is next. tonight on huckabee, a judge gives perm neanent custody of tr daughter to the state of massachusetts. college football players allowed to form a union. >> i am taking a stand. >> big- time college programs. and getting a piece of the pie. >> and gwyneth ethpaltrow's conscious uncoupling and charlie daniels tells us how it is. and shoes how it is done.
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♪ ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. (applause) thank you. thank you very much. did you notice the music that i came out to tonight? just a preview because charlie daniels is going to be with us on the show. welcome to huckabee from the fox nows studios in new york city. i'm sometimes asked what is the accomplishment i am most proud of. people expect initiative as governor or best- selling books or top weekend show in cable news in six years, but the answer i give always the same. what i am most proud of, all my children turned outoc. well, so far at lost. being a governor was a challenging job but not nearly as tough as being a dad.
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that was the one job i couldn't delegate to someone else. i never met a parent even great ones who felt they did the job perfectly. but what if the government decided that you aren't being a depend parent? and they decided to attack your child from you. and suppose that same government wouldn't tell you what you had done to make them believe that you weren't raising your kids. and what if your child was young and full of energy and exhibited signs of physical weakness and you took her to the hospital to get help for her. and instead the government blamed you for her illness and wont let you so her without a government super visor monitoring a brief visit with your own child? and then if the government without explanation forbid any contact with your own child what so ever? and suppose the child's health
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continues to deteriorate in the government custody and instead of giving your child back to you, the government gave permanent custody of your child to the government? now before you say such an absurd situation would only happen in a totalitarian government like north korea or iowa ran. that very situation that i described happen in the people's republic of massachusetts. you are going to mote the family and hear their heart wrenching store of a state kidnapping a child and using all of the power that a state has to trample over the fundmental rights of a parent. if you are a parent or grand parent, it ought to be a wake up call to action before it happens to you. i often say mothers and fathers raise better children than governments do. we honor marriage and parent hod
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and we've only intervened in the most extreme cases of physical abuse in which the child was in imminent danger and injury. there is controversial cases because the parent refused to give medical child. in this case they sought medical care for their daughter and being punished for. it each murder exercise pedophiles have legal representation and knowing the evidence against one's self and right to face their accuser. none of those things are happening. attacks against the family in our culture is bad enough. but when an abuse of the family happens in the hands of the government it is a call to arms temperature is not a political case but a human rights case and a shocking example of a government's abuse of power. i pray a judge with a full brain and modicum of understanding of the constitution will intervoen
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and stop this madness. and those who trample over the young lady's rights will have to give an account of their atrocities. (applause) the case is of the 15 year old took a turn for the worse when the boston juvenile judge ruled she would be permanently in the custody of the state of massachusetts. this whole ordeal began when her parents took her to boston children's hospital. in february 2013, lou and lippeda brought jus tina to the boston children's hospital for a second opinion on the medical condition. she was diagnosed by a medical center with a genetic disevered in which she was receiving treatment. but boston said she suffered from a mental desorder and not genetic. when the parents refused the
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diagnosis. the state of massachusetts a cowed her parents of medical child abuse. her health has decloined. >> she was ice skating and going to school and now she is in a wheelchair and paralyzed and stomach is swollen. and we know there is a acceptsis going on there. the juvenile court rowelled that the common wealth of massachusetts has perm ept custody of christina and accusing the parents of being verbally abusive and nazis and abusive. she is now in a mental health facility where she is not getting medical care for her condition. >> the family is looking out for the best. and physically and mentally and medically. she locks worse. and if somebody happens to my sister under their care she will
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not be another number in the system. >> no evidence has ever been presented that shoes her parents were abusive to her and in any way impaired her health. no relatives or members of the community had a bad word to say about the family. we reached out to a child advocate who meet the family on the dr. phil show. i am saddened by massachusetts's action with respect to jus tina. and village spent time with father and sisters, i know they clearly love and care for her deeply. the state never conducted an investigation of their home or intrude anyone associated with justina. theested in this case needs to be reviewed carefully and a wiser decision to give her an opportunity to return home to her surroundings. her father is here along with his family's attorney of liberty counsel.
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lou and matt thank you for being here. and lou, let me start with you. i want to confirm what we heard. nobody from the state has ever visited your home? >> no one from the common wealth ever crossed the connecticut border to come see our house, family and neighbors or anything. >> they never talked to your daughters or neighbors or teachers or anybody? >> no. >> they have not do a thorough investigation to find out what coined of people you are and the kind of people they need to be afraid of and jus tina needs to be afraid of no investigation, none? >> none. >> they have taken your daughter from you. i can't imagine how frustrating that is. 14 months you have been without the ability it be with your own daughter and to raise her. tell me the last time you had a chance to visit with her and what you found when you saw her?
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>> yesterday, we saw her at 1 o'clock, even though for the previous 18 hours we didn't think we were going to so her because of the media exposure and the massachusetts, d~ cf one wanted us to do the visit not in person but in skype. this is three days after our daughter was told she was begin a death sentence. for her to denotice seeing her family was beyond reproach. >> it is she in worse care physically? >> absolutely. a picture is worth a thousand words. look at her inoise skating and going to school and doing everything. she gets the flu and she's in a whole chair and paralyzed below the waist and we believe there is acceptsis on her stomach where her tube is.
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there is so many things. you can see the hair line and gum line. and there is bruises on her body and until she gets back where she needs to be. we'll never know the full truth of what happened to her. >> it is not like you took her to the hospital because she was in a bad shape in which it appeared that there was any signs of abuse what so ever. they never accused you of that and never gave explan augz. you took her to get medical care and not like you are with holding medical care. two hospitals disagreed and tufts recommended boston childrens and did what that medical facility recommended that's when the trouble started. >> correct. it was simple. all of her doctors in the tuft medical center and she got the
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flu early february and the doctor in charge of her stomach and gi left and had gone over to boston children's and that's why he wanted her to be seen by her stomach hospital and she goes by ambulance to boston children's and instead of seeing that doctor, the neurologist said there is no such thing of myro condria. and third day they gave guidelines of care for her. stop all of her med cautions and vitmin cocktail that you give myocondrial patients and no more diagnosissing. and you will not be allowed to see any other doctors. >> when we come back, we'll talk to lou and matt and what you@w@g
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we are back. the father of justinna. i hear about this case. i am thinking you can't have contact with your profit. every inmate in the prison system was guaranteed an opportunity to so his or her spiritual counsellor and guaranteed medical care and medical representation. i don't understand, lou, how the state of massachusetts could be denoticing something to you that they provide to every person who has not just been accused, but convicted of a heinous crime. >> i hate to compare it to the poston bomber who did heinnous thing. his civil rights now are more than justina. she was treated in boston children's and in patient psychiatric ward. they could see parents and talk
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to their parents and have free discussions. she could not only so us, but couldn't talk to us. holidays and birthdays and eastern and christmas and thanksgiving, she was alone. imagine that, mother's day, she's seeing other patients with their mothers except her. >> a tone age girl deprived of her family and not able to call you guys. and go see her. you think you are punished because you disagreed with the treatment and speak out and to actually act like a parent? >> yes. there is no doubt about it. they had an agenda and fit the profile of what they were looking for to do the research and figured we were from out of state and they would get away with. it >> matt, we are all parents here. i don't think i would be kind and grabs as lou has been if someone took my child from me
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and i didn't get a chance to help him or her get the best care and have socialization with the family and our family's pastor and friends. what can he do? >> well, you know, we have been on the case for a few weeks and learned about it because lou spoke to the national media and d~ cf had him under a gag order and they didn't want this information out. when he did, we found out and harder time i can go to sleep knowing what is going on. you have boston children's hospital which is harvard teaching hospital. if someone becomes a ward of theitate they are a subject of research for boston children's hospital. and this purpose did research and now a subject of research for boston children's hospital. and so when they disagree they want to go to other expert they call in d~ cf and it is rubber
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stamped and a bureaucracy out of control. 94 children died in their custody and 134 children, they can't find out where they are and miss nothing d~ cf custody. they stop the parents from disagreeing with boston children and the judge rubber stamps it and never issues an order and meanwhile, justina is deteriorating and going from figure skating to a whole chair where she may be on the verge of death. she's in serious condition and then the family gets bullied. and now they have gone to the media, they jack them around on the visitations and they say, the day before you can't visit only by skype skype or change the days and they constantly do this. we spend hours and chasing voice messages and getting people on the phone and getting visitization back on at the 11th
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hour. i don't know how you can continue to live under these circumstances. but it is despicable. >> lou you ever accused of doing anything harmful to jus tina. ? >> has people a cowed you or notified you of the reason they think that you are incapable of having more contact with your daughter? >> only things a, saying we were risking her safety by not following the boston children's protocol of saying she had si mot form. it is not an inpatient service. that is number one. two, she was overmedicalized. she had two surgeries done five years ago, she had a congentittal band wrapped around her colon and appendix and that was taken out. that's what the little girl who
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died in the filming from undiagnosed congenittal band. and she had a port in the colon. that was approved for by doctors in connecticut children's hospital and tufts and insurance approved. >> in the moan time you are not able to see your daughter on your terms but occasionally and supervision of the state. there is a website, free what i would like to ask you to do. if you are outraged go to the weelp this family. there are links there to get in the contact with the governor's office. and they can entervene and should intervene. i can't imagine any governor's office would stand by and allow this to happen without demanding answers. give the family support. and let you know you stand with
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them. free let us know what happens with the case. we'll keep america revved up and just outraged at what is happening to lou. if it happens to you. it can happen to any parent in this country and should never happen to the united states of america. thank you so much for being here. coming up, i am going to ask the exharvard professor to respond. and then the reaction on
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(applause) president obama's visit to the
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vatican, pope francis told the president he was concerned about religious freedom in the u.s. they discussed the exercise of rights of religious freedom and life and consciousous objection. two days before that meeting, the supreme court of the united states heard the arguments on the case of hobby lobby versus sebelius. in which the chain is challenging the obama man date that requires the employees to ever cobbed by contraceptives saying it violated their religious beliefs. allen jones us. it is great to have you back and thanks for being here. i want to talk about the hobby lobby case. you practiced with the pelatear family. and speak to what is happening, is this a great concern that a family would have a daughter taken and not have the ability
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to get answers as to why that daughter is removed from their custody and the state's custody. >> it is a great, great concern. both of my children were treated in that hospital and my wife who has a ph d in nuro sidewalkicology and we can't understand the case. the law of massachusetts is clear. when you have a conflict in medical opinion. you have tuft's medical and children's hospital, you allow those conflicts to be resolved by the parents. the state doesn't come in and tell you, you have to accept the medical opinion of one hospital over the other. just as the lawyer said, you scratch your head and say something else we don't know. but if what we heard was thorough, it is a horrible abuse of human right.
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i am a member of the massachusetts bar and if there is anything i can do to restore the parental rights here. i don't know who is right. it may be children's hospital is right and tuft system wrong. she may be getting better care. i know under our legal system when there is a conflict between opinion the parents resolve that and not the state. >> i think the parents have not been told and preventing from seeing their daughter and provided religious counseling. >> the gag order is unstougal. you can't stop parents from bringing a petition to the governor and president and you and me and american public. that is clearly unconstitutional. >> it is great to have you weigh in on. i respect your legal opinion. and one of the reasons i want to talk about the hobby lobby case. is this a case of religious
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liberty where a company willing to provide 16 out of 20 different conraceptive drugs, but not four because of the beliefs. is that a religious liberty case? >> i was in the supreme court when the case was argued and i was there because i was debating kenneth star on the hobby lobby case and i met the green family. it is it a reasonable exercise of religious freedom. they believe they are abortion methods. i don't agree with them. i favor birth control. and i am a liberal democrat but the constitution will right of religious. that truchs my personal views. this situation would be easy for the state to provide alternative methods. 16 methods and for the women who
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wants to use four methods the state can impose a tax on hobby lobby corporation because three rowels of religious freedom. never compromise their true religious beliefs. number two, you don't let them make a profit on the religious beliefs and they don't come away not being able to pay for something else everybody likes to pay for and you have to balance it against other people's rights. and it is it easy to strike the balance here. and just have the state provide these methods to the people who want to use them. but don't involve the green family or hobby lobby. you have deeply felt religious bloefs against them. and so 13,000 women get what they need and constitution is satisfied and the religious restoration act is satisfied. i don't think this is a complex case. nallen, we appreciate your perspective on this.
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the decision is coming down and expect us to call you back and i would love to visit with you again. always a pleasure. >> thank you. >> they are the stars in a multimillion dollar business and they don't so the money. should student athletes, be comp stated. you've tried to forget your hepatitis c. it's slow moving, you tell yourself. i have time. after all there may be no symptoms for years. no wonder you try to push it to the back of your mind and forget it. but here's something you shouldn't forget. hepatitis c is a serious disease. if left untreated, it could lead to liver damage and potentially even liver cancer. if you are one of the millions of people with hepatitis c, you haven't been forgotten.
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finish the process. i am harris faulkner and now back to huckabee. >> we are in the thick of march madness and ncaa basketball tournament and a big money maker for the colleges and the athletes that play in the games and generate millions of dollars are not getting a doim. college football brings in more revenue but again, the players don't get paid. earlier the national labor relations board ruled that
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northwestern football players are employees of the school and they can unionized. is that what is to come? joining me is a coach, and he's one of my great heroes, coach lou holtz, honor to have you back on the show. >> glad to be with you. >> coach, if this thing continues and players uniononized, it would transstorm and up end college sports. what would happen? >> i think it is as the president of northwestern. they might stop playing football. and that's what happened in the ivy leagues in the '50s. they used to be strong football. and felt that academics was more important. and in the judge's ruling he never played college athletics. and they are athletes first and students second and that is wroj. >> that's not the way you coached your teens and i had
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a close seat watching you coach arkansas. and these are students athletes and they students and expected to pass. but if college students, were able to unionized they could go on strike a woke before the season sarts. it affects every athletic activity on the campus would vertually disa pore would it not? >> absolutely. football plays for everything. women's soccer and men's golf. i went through the ruling and i can go item by item and not a single thing makes common sense. first of all, the only justiction is a medical thing. we need to have better medical. but no examples were given. an athlete injured he goes to the trainer and doctor under their supervision. they clear and he is back. they talk about 50 hours a way.
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the ncaa rules that you cannot have more than 20 hours in football and meetings without being in violation. he's either lying or else northwestern is violating that. and then they talk about we didn't have the opportunity to major. >> players played with me in notre dame are doctors. i don't believe that. then they say we can't get money or work et cetera, understand the purpose of the ncaa, the purpose of the ncaa to make sure no one has a competitive advantage. the reason you list where your car is and how much you paid for and make sure the alumni didn't buy. it that is a violation. you are allowed to work now. and you have to say how much you make and all about competitive advantage and you go down and down the list. and i did not find one legitimate thing that caused that to be the case. >> coach, your persective is one
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i value. and you made important points today and it were to stand we'll not see college athletics as we have known it in the past. great to have you here, coach. none last point. four year scholarshipoused to be four years and then the guys quit after four years, that is not fair to william and mary who could not afford it. >> thank you very much. (applause) coming up country music legend charlie daniels is here and he will show us how it is done.
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he's one of the names of count row music and he is outspoken with his views on twitter. please welcome charlie daniels. (applause) >> thank you for joining us today. so many entertainers are retissent to say what they really think. you aren't one of those guys are you? >> no, i am sfen years old and my taxes are pay and i will say
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anything i want. >> some of the tweets, on february ninety-ninth if the irs targeted the muslim outfit as they did the tea party lois learner would be looking through. >> or stoned. >> and if that was done to a muslim group or most any other group. but seems like christians and conservative are fair game. >> they have been with the irs. and that is amazing. and obama locks like a saturday night skit we'll take ukraine and you will not get to come to disny world anymore. >> i was being flippant. but stop and look at. it in my opinion president obama blew it when he said tell vladimar, you know after the
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election. >> what does that say. tell vladimar anything. and that's crazy. and people say you don't like this man. i have nothing against this man nothing at all. we need leadership. we don't need people who can't lead, leading this country and time for president obama to stand up and show back bone, or putin is going to run all over him and he has dpn so far. i hate to so that happen to this country. >> i do, too. one of the subjects near and dear to my heart. you have not allowed benghazi to go away. justice for the benghazi four, you think we will finally forget mr. president, but patriots have long memories. (applause) and this situation.
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and the least thing done. how long is this battle going to last. it was a mop up operation. and if we send people in to show and we'll respond every time you touch our people to just ignore it. that is inviting more and more trouble. that's why every morning, i put up a tweet about remembering benghazi and justice for them. indifference and incompetence, we just can't have that in high places and that's what is going on right now. this question needs to be answered. i know it only involves four americans but it is symbolic to me as to how are we going to be treated and america going to be protected. if we can't protect those four, we can't protect anybody. it is time to buckle up here. >> i couldn't agree more. you have a new album covering a bob dylansong. great songs and we'll do one of
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them. what made you say i want to be doing a album of bob dylanmusic? >> i wanted to do a tribute to him and do it in my band style. and we went through and put songs we could put our mark on. and if we came to one we couldn't, with dylanyou never run out of material. we got to ten songs and made an album and that is off of the grid and that is a koufticcal. >> once again the album is called off of the grid. doing it dylan. and when we come back, we'll do a wonderful charlie daniel's classic. we'll give it a shot. what do you think? ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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we are back with charlie daniels. and the little rockers. let me introduce them.
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jeff mcgowan on key boards. kenny on drums. mark on guitar. keith wilson on guitar. and i think it's fair to say we're pretty pumped about playing this one with you. charlie, being an old southern boy, there's no way you can come and not play the south's going to do it again. >> let's do it. ♪ ♪ ♪ people down in georgia come from near and far to hear richard betts pickin on that red guit guitar ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ elvin bishop sitting on a bale
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of hay ♪ ♪ gather round, gather round chilling ♪ ♪ get down, well just get down chilling ♪ ♪ get loud, well you can be loud and be proud ♪ ♪ well, you can be proud, hear now ♪ ♪ be proud you're a rebel ♪ the south's going to do it again ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ applause ] [ applause ] thank you, charlie daniels. we'll be back with some closing thoughts on conscious uncoupling when we come back. stay with us. ♪ [ applause ]
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[ applause ] we started our show tonight with the tragedy of the family
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whose daughter has been taken hostage by the state of massachusetts who continues to refuse to give any explanation to the parents and won't allow them the choice of legal counsel. we close our show with another family tragedy. this of the apparent marital breakup of gwyneth paltrow and her husband chris martin of the band cold play. they didn't announce the divorce. what they termed a conscious uncoupling. some are heralding their approach to divorce as a way to split with the minimum damage to their two children and touting their approach as a gentle unlinking. let me say i acknowledge that not having a combative divorce and what's being called a collaborative way to uncouple is certainly better than a nasty and protracted legal fight in which children are made to be weapons of choice in a divorce war. color me old-fashioned in still believing that our culture is desperate for more conscious coupling, relationships built on
12:59 am
spiritual foundations of sacrificial and unselfish love in which the order of the relationship is spiritual first, emotional and intentional second and in which the physical relationship is the culmination of their love, not the initiation of it. 30 years ago in my previous life as a pastor, i often saw couples who spent more time and money preparing for a 20-minute wedding than preparing for the relationship that was supposed to last them for the rest of their lives. maybe, if we consciously coupled and spent more time and money to prepare for the marriage instead of just the wedding, we wouldn't be oohing and ahhing over the notion of conscious uncoupling. because households of divorce or not, children do better raised with a mother or father who conceive or adopt them and work at their roles to train them to be our replacements. [ applause ]
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that's it for now. this is mike huckabee from new york. good night and god bless. and stay tuned for justice with judge jeanine. my headline for the day, larry summers amazing assessment of japan -- >> on buzz beater this sunday, chris christie is exonerated in the bridge scandal, at least >> on buzz beater this sunday, chris christie is exonerated in the bridge scandal, at least according to a law firm hired by his office. and journalists, of course, are skeptical. >> does it make you feel clueless? does it make you feel like, what was wrong with me? >> not clueless, but it certainly makes me feel taken advantage of. >> so there's not going to be any e-mails, no phone records, no tape recordings that come out that establish you knew about this? >> no, because i didn't. >> but what if the findings are confirmed? will the media be forced to rehabilitate the governor as a presidential candidate? it seemed like the missing plane drama was officially over with the official exclusion that it was at the bottom of th


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